If you love to get your hands on Bitcoins, there are many ways you can get them. You can buy but you have to expect exorbitant prices. You can mine but it takes a lot of skills. Aside from these, you can also use a Bitcoin faucet, which refers to a profit-sharing scheme that pays a few Satoshis for performing activities like entering CAPTCHAs and playing games.

If you do not want to go through these things, you have one more option – free online lottery. There are lotteries these days that will pay you out in Bitcoins instead of cash. If you think that the cryptocurrency will continue to rise, you should hit a Bitcoin lottery and hope for the best.

Speaking of Bitcoin lottery, it is important that you know how to increase your chances of winning. Keep in mind that the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 in 13,983,816. When you look at it closely, Bitcoin lottery is easier to win compared to EuroMillions or Powerball.

If you need help to increase your chances of winning at Bitcoin lottery, you should remember the following tips:

Join a syndicate

Lottery syndicate refers to a group of players that purchase lottery tickets together. In the event of hitting the jackpot, the group will share the prize winnings in proportion to the contribution of every participant.

Typically, lottery syndicates consist of a group of colleagues, friends, and relatives. You have to remember that the more people who participate in the game, the more lines it can buy and the closer you get to the jackpot.

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Pick random numbers

If you do not want to share your prize with many people, you have to pick random numbers. This is not exactly about probability but more of not sharing the prize if you hit jackpot.

Add the number of combinations

If you increase your number combinations, you are definitely improving your chances of hitting the jackpot. Simply put, you should make it a point to pay more lines of combinations. In Bitcoin lottery, there are prizes for getting at least 2 correct numbers.

Bottom Line

Before you register and buy a ticket, you have to understand that Bitcoin is still unregulated. As a way to regulate it, some countries set Bitcoin gambling rules. If you want to protect your interest, it is wise to check the laws in your country before getting started.